Sawyer LED Charge Wireless Charging Desk Lamp in Gold

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Quick Overview

The Sawyer LED AdessoCharge Wireless Charging Desk Lamp is a modern desk lamp that includes a wireless charging pad with Qi inductive charging technology No cords, no mess. It’s that easy! 

Our product has been tested and verified to be safe and in compliance with the Qi standard. Antique brass metal is paired with a cream leather fabric that covers the base creating a secure, non-slip surface for your phone to charge while also adding a pop of elegant modern style. The shade adjusts forward, up and down to allow light to be directed exactly where it is needed. 

  • Weight: 4.75
  • Bulb Wattage: 7W Integrated LED
  • Switch Type: Rocker Switch
  • Materials: Antique brass with cream color leather