Barrister's Steel Trunk

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Circa 1930s, black steel trunk with original stenciled labeling of the owner, one "J.M Paterson, Esq. Barrister-at-Law." The colorful Queen's crown and "Queen's Bench" are emblazoned on the top of the hinged lid. The inside of the trunk is a vivid, cobalt blue. There are handles on both sides, for easy carrying, naturally distressed and charmingly scuffed from age and use. There is a lock, but no key.

  •  27" x 14" x  9.5"

Our vintage items are sold as is. Quirks and flaws are what make these items unique and special.

By Camard

If trunks could talk, we'd love to know what all was kept in this one throughout the years. Found at the Paris Flea Market, we couldn't resist snapping up these beautifully detailed, sturdy trunks. Think about stacking and using as a side table, while your valuables are hidden safely inside.